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So I just got home (by "just" i mean, 5:30pm, Friday May 8th).  I think I have been letting out big sighs of relief all day.  I moved out of my dorm room and back to my house.  Paige drove up in her monster-of-a-truck vehicle to help.  We took our time, starting at 10:30am-ish and leaving the school at 3:30pm-ish.  Long day of packing in the 83 degree weather, but a good day nonetheless.  I had an ortho appt. immediately after arriving back in Escondido, which was followed by unpacking a little of Paige's truck and some jumping on the trampoline.  Then we headed over to my mom's musical production of Jungle Book Junior, which consisted of a bunch of cute kids (3rd-5th graders) dancing on stage. Very fun.

AND I got to see my missionary Aunt Janie! She came home on account of a death in the family, but it is extremely good to see her again.  She's staying in my room currently and I'm here in the guest room, reflecting.

I thought I'd post a blog about some of the more important things I learned about life, myself, and academics this year as a freshmen.  The Lord completely delivered me through this year, amidst all the late-night studying, classes, work, and stress I experienced this year.  It was such a great year on so many levels and I'm thankful that I was able to attend such an upstanding school such as Azusa Pacific University.  Here are my thoughts:

  1. Being an intentional friend - that is, going out of your way to make time for your friendships - can be a difficult thing.  Maybe I'm just really bad at it, but I don't think I'm alone. (working on it!)
  2. Time management is one of the most difficult things in the whole-wide-world to learn. Every person is different, so you can't just read a book on how to be more productive with your time... you just have to know yourself and hopefully it comes with age. 
  3. I'm a selfish human being in need of grace. And am quite thankful that I have a never-ending source of it. 
  4. The ways in which God challenges you will strengthen areas in your life that will one day become a part of who you are and why you exist (purpose). 
  5. Art is truth displayed in creative ways.  If the art piece (play, painting, abstract, song, sculpture, improv) reveals truth, it is art and is worth your time.  The minute art becomes sin, it is no longer art.  
  6. Bono is a Christian.
  7. The Bible is the most amazing literary-meretited book every penned.  Ever.  I think it would be difficult for people to reject the gospel if they had any idea how perfect all the puzzle pieces fit together.  No human could have schemed such grandiose literature.  It would blow peoples minds if they only knew how insane the Word of God actually is.  More parallelism, anaphora, alliteration, analogy, foreshadowing, etc. then any book ever written.  Yes, even Great Expectations.
  8. Your health SHOULD take precedence over your academics.  If you aren't getting enough sleep, and you lose points on an essay because you decided to sleep and catch up, the exchange is a worthy and acceptable one.  The only way we perform (write, think, interact, study, listen, etc.) to the best of our ability and to the glory of God is if we are healthy.  Our bodies are temples.  We are the stewards of the temple.  We must take care of it. 
  9. "His Years" just might save my financial future.  Lord, please!
  10. The people you meet now are brought into your life for a reason.  Don't waste the time you have with them.
I'd say that's a pretty comprehensive list, right?  And frankly, I can't think of anything else right now.  Also, this list is not limited to 10 items.  There was so much I learned this year, I just don't have space or time to right these things down.

May the Lord bless and keep you.  May he be your portion.  The Lord, he is God.


Andrew said... @ May 10, 2009 at 10:19 AM

Good job using smart sounding words Miles haha! This ten things are so true, thanks for putting words to thoughts I have been unable to verbalize. Have a great time on tour!

Garrett Maxwell said... @ May 16, 2009 at 12:24 PM

1. awesome
2. soooo true
3. duhh
4. fo sho
5. interesting
6. yeah... sure
7. oh for sure dude, if I could fathom the grand picture it would blow my mind
8. yeah I guess... but sometimes you just gotta get the job done.
9. coolio, I'll be prayin for you
10. abso-freakin-lutely.

Doug Grimes said... @ May 16, 2009 at 6:09 PM

I so appreciate your thoughtful written identification of what you learned beyond just the academics of the university education. This is one of the excellent benefits of the whole endeavor; Personal Growth! It's good and very worthwhile to reflect on this aspect of the educational experience. Thanks for taking the time to express your thoughts.

Alicia :) said... @ May 17, 2009 at 6:29 PM

i would say that this is an accurate description of apu's life lessons... and trust me, number 9 is amazing. i'm hoping to do that after college too. anyway, hope you are having a great summer, miles!


brown swallow girl said... @ May 21, 2009 at 1:03 AM

1. the oxford letter was for my dad... its been his dream to get his phd there forever... he didn't get in.. even though he is brilliant and has worked really hard... its for the best though... i guess...
he's really depressed.
2. i think i write it habitually...
partly because it makes me feel real to see my thoughts out somewhere beyond ME.
partly for a couple of my friends to know my thoughts.
partly so people can understand that i'm actually a really neato person.
partly so i always know where to find names, dates, addresses, books, whatevers and whatnots that i've thought of and can't remember at a later day.

its an account of my brain.

like the history tab on your internet.

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