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About a year ago, I developed a unique passion for reading "make you think" books.  The reason I say unique is because before this, I HATED to read. Now I love it. God has some great things to say through His Word,  and through some wonderful authors God can be understood more clearly and I can't get enough!
I often struggle to get all the way through books. I'm not sure why.  For instance, I am in the middle of several books right now: Spirit of the Rainforest, Bruchko, Lillith, Screwtape Letters, Mere Christianity, and finally Let the Nations Be Glad.  I usually don't like to read novels, but the novels I'm reading now are interesting to read and have a substance too them, so I'm giving them a try.
So, the topic of my post: Harold Clousing, of APU Man Choir Directorial fame, gave us a book called The Shack by William P. Young as a Christmas gift to every guy in the choir. I started reading it two days ago. I don't often read the forwards in books because they are usually dull and take more than enough time to read, but I thought "Eh, why not." Hooked. Immediately. I can't wait to read this over break! I have only heard positive feedback from those who have read it. I will try and post what goes through my head while I'm reading this heralded (no pun intended) book.
I think that will be a good motivator. Yep =]


Nate Paschall said... @ March 27, 2009 at 10:58 PM

I'd like to hear your take on this book after you've read it.

~JOSh-X said... @ April 16, 2009 at 9:04 AM

Yeah, so, did you read it, or not?


Irma Nicola said... @ January 23, 2010 at 2:15 PM

I started the book because people wouldn't stop talking about it. I am in a place where I read a lot. But to add the dialogue I would like to say that the book is written in a way as to make both believers and non-belivers react. Somewhere in my memory is the the thought that the worst things that happen on earth are complete and perfectly understood by God. The only problem that I had with the book is that the tone with the trinity is too peer to peer...

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